Classic Fudge - 1/2 pound
Classic Fudge - 1/2 pound

Classic Fudge - 1/2 pound

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This recipe is adapted from my Grandma's fudge recipe, it is a creamy, melt in your mouth candy made the "old fashioned" way on the stovetop in a dutch oven.

This fudge will arrive to you in a slab so that you can portion it out yourself, you decide the size of your bits! Or be like one customer, eat it out of the container with a spoon in one sitting haha.


unsalted butter, evaporated milk, granulated sugar, salt, marshmallow, semi sweet chocolate, organic vanilla extract (peanut butter options include peanut butter, kahlua option includes cooked out homemade by my partner with a family recipe Kahlua)