A completely gluten free cottage bakery producing in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Meet the Maker & Baker

Hello, I'm Stephanie (she/her), I've set up shop in Lincoln, with my partner, our three kids & four cats. Originally from Iowa and after many moves, I'm so pleased to be rooted in the Midwest. It's being in Ope country & Casey's pizza for me.

close up of a womans face smiling at the camera she has long light brown hair, rainbow glasses and hairy leg earrings

When I'm not baking, I'm very much someone who likes to do a lot of different handicrafts, knitting and sewing are my main pals.

I'm a Girl Scout troop leader, a Cub Scout den leader, a committee member of a BSA Troop & a Fat Girls Hiking Ambassador!

I love nature, hiking, yoga and quiet. I always have a book nearby as well as a neverending to read list.